Who I am

I know, I know. The name ‘Chickwalker’ sounds a little weird. Here’s the story behind it: About a decade ago, one of my first creations that caught notice in the cg industry was this tall, long-legged, egg-shaped robot operated by a young rooster boy, or as I call it, the ‘Lil’ Chickwalker’. My website is named after it. There you go. Now you know.

On a more personal level, my name is Jesse Sandifer, and I’m currently a senior character artist at Blur Studio (since June 2013). I’m a self-taught, award-winning digital artist with a burning passion to birth new, inventive concepts and characters and breathe life into everything I create. My work has been featured in film, games, cinematics, television, toys, trade shows, and a spread of cg art books and magazines across the globe. Clients and projects vary widely in an array of markets and include Blur Studio, Hasbro Toys, Fox, Warner Brothers, Zynga, Autodesk, Shadows in Darkness, Mandalay Films, ReelFX, NBA Dallas Mavericks, Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrush Workshops, among others. I have over 13 years experience in the cg industry. My main tools include ZBrush, Mudbox, 3dsmax, Vray, Mari, and Photoshop. I also happen to be a nice fellow and play well with others.

I’m also available for freelance work. My resume’ is below along with my handsome face:


Jesse Sandifer