I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Fianna Wong over at The Area (Autodesk) !

And here’s the beginning of the lengthy¬†tutorial I wrote about how I created the woman in “Just Before the Kiss” (below) using Mudbox and 3ds Max. I hope you get something out of it (you’ll need a login I think):

The Hunter real-time tutorials

If you’re interested in ZBrush character tutorials, please check out the latest real-time tutorial of The Hunter I created for Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrushworkshops! It’s about 20 hours of real-time video with voiceover.

Click here for the tutorial!



Judging the CGSociety Mudbox Challenge

Jesse Sandifer has been included in the panel of judges for the new CGSociety Mudbox Challenge!

Click the image to see details about the contest.

Announcing Chickwalker!

This new company is here to make big thudding steps in the CG art community.

Check out the rest of to learn more about what we do.